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To rent or not to rent? That is the question…

Jan 7, 2019 2:59:26 PM / by Jenee Pulliam

Looking ahead into your project pipeline, you know you need more equipment to meet the demands of 2019. Should you lay out a large amount of money for machinery that may or may not be what you need? Or do you take a chance on equipment that isn’t yours? How do you decide if you should rent or buy?

Renting offers you a chance to lean into new technology without making the jump right off the bat.

  • Your shop may have younger technicians that would love to see if these newer bits of technology really can help you get where you’re going faster and more efficiently.
  • Your crew would get a chance to gain experience before you sign off on the purchase.

Renting also offers you some potential for financial gain as well.

  • Rental periods offer predictable payments, making it easier to budget for the equipment over a period.
  • Leasing can be tax-deductible as an operational expense. Talk to your financial advisor about the possible tax advantages.
  • Renting is generally an inclusive cost where as you do not take on the cost of equipment ownership. You don’t pay for maintenance and the leasing company oversees fixing the equipment.
  • Cost of renting can be charged to project as a ‘job cost’.
  • Less upfront cost that might hinder you form trying equipment out before you buy – ensuring it meets your expectations of anticipated cost savings.

We Lease Just About Anything We Sell! Whether you need just one system or several, for only a week or an entire year, ISI can accommodate your needs. Our rental equipment can fill the gaps in your operation when a piece of equipment goes down and needs repair, or if you want to increase productivity for a short-run.

  • ISI’s equipment is available for lease/rental at weekly or monthly rates.
  • ISI requires an operator to be trained on the equipment. This enables you to get an accurate measure of the performance your employee will have on the machine.
  • Most of our rental equipment is available from our rental stock within 24 hours after the order is made.

Industrial Solutions & Innovation, LLC provides custom solutions for welding and fabrication applications through equipment sales, rental, service, training and repairs. As you deal with increased demands for productivity and job efficiency, let us be your equipment solution provider. Contact us today at 281.824.0356 for recommendations on solutions for your shop.

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Jenee Pulliam

Written by Jenee Pulliam

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