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Welding Productivity Increased by over 300%

Nov 21, 2018 8:40:48 AM / by Jenee Pulliam

Increase your welding productivity at least 300% and more over manual TIG welding!

tigSpeed from EWM High Tec Welding allows you to harness the speed and deposition of Hot Wire TIG and makes it useful in a manual welding environment.  It can be used manually and in combination with both robotic and fixed automation solutions.  tigSpeed uses standard off the shelf consumables and puts you in control of your welding cost while maintaining a quality TIG welding environment.




Increase welding speed up to 300%
Up to 4x as much deposition rate
Substantially lower dilution rates
Lower heat input and warpage

For more information on how this machine can be a solution for your shop, call us at 281.824.0356 today.


Jenee Pulliam

Written by Jenee Pulliam

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